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Take Europe's best to your home with the tilt & turn doors from Reliant Windows & Doors! The tilt and turn door will swing inward when opened in the turn position allowing for ample air to pass through and an easy clean surface. Alternatively, hinges at the bottom allow it to open inward at the top, allowing ventilation into the room. Both actions are triggered with a simple turn of a lever!

Tilt & turn doors are available in two, three or four-panel configurations as well as 8′ in height, 16′ in width. Our line of tilt and turn doors also provide more safety than conventional door systems on account of the multi-point locking system. On top of that, cleaning is straightforward and easy -- and it is all done from the interior of the house!


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Once we understand your needs, we will continue to communicate with you during all phases of the project keeping you informed of job progress overall and on a day-to-day basis. We make every effort to stick to the plan, but the best-laid plans can be affected by factors outside of our control.

We do what we can to make adjustments. We stick with every job until it’s done. After completion, we’ll do a walk-through with you to ensure your satisfaction. We want you to feel that we were the solution to your problem – never the problem.

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Our Step by Step Process

Step 1: Free Consultation & Measurement

Our Reliant Windows & Doors rep will advice regarding which window types will be best for your home and family. For example, if you have young children, you will not want to install windows that are too easy for them to open and fall out of. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of rain and snowfall, they may recommend awning windows that will still allow airflow during inclement weather.

After picking the types of windows you want, our Reliant Windows & Doors will take down the measurements as well.

Step 2: Installation Assessment

Our Reliant Windows & Doors rep will also assess the exterior environment and determine the rain exposure conditions and the performance grade for the new windows and doors. The environment inside the home is also assessed. The home will be inspected for water penetration and other performance issues. Replacement product options and the installation methods are discussed.

The installation method must be appropriate for the home’s rain exposure conditions. Once the assessment is completed, you will receive a complimentary and detail quote from our office.

Step 3: Preparation

Once the quote is accepted, our Reliant Windows & Doors installation team will schedule a date and time to remove and install the new windows. Before the installation team's arrival, please remove any window coverings and furniture so that the installation team has plenty of room to work.

Step 4: Removal & Installation

Our Reliant Windows & Doors installation team will arrive on time with the products that you've ordered. We will then remove the old window and insert the new one. If you have time on the day, feel free to stick around and watch our installation team does their magic.

Step 5: Project Walkthrough

Once the installation is completed, our installation team will conduct a walkthrough with you to make sure you ae happy with the work done!

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European Tilt & Turn Doors

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We care about your budget and give fair and reasonable rates to our high quality services and specialist services. Working with us can ensure you the very best mix of price and value on your project.
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We are passionate about what we do and believe we offer the very highest quality windows and doors that brings satisfaction to thousands of our happy customers. All our products are made in Canada.
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Professional installation is a huge factor for success of your renovation project. All our windows and doors are installed by the industry strongest, most capable and most experienced teams servicing our customers.
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Getting the right advise and excellent service makes all the difference. We guide our customers through each step of the project. Our lifetime warranty is our pledge to you that we will stand behind our products.

What People Say About Our
European Tilt & Turn Doors Services

  •  Brenda Nash
    We had a great experience working with Reliant Windows on getting new single slider windows and tilt & turn doors. The installation team was very efficient and were true professionals. We would absolutely work with them again and will definitely recommend this window company in Richmond Hill to all our family and friends.

    Brenda Nash
    A Satisfied Client with Our Richmond Hill Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Layton Mays
    Great service! Reliant Windows did an excellent job explaining and demonstrating the features and quality of the tilt & turn doors. They did an amazing job at installing and cleaning up their mess after it was all done. Honestly, I couldn't have found a better window company in Richmond Hill.

    Layton Mays
    A Satisfied Client with Our Richmond Hill Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Lorenzo Morrison
    Wow! Totally impressed with Reliant Windows. I received my tilt & turn door and single slider windows today. What a great job from a skilled and awesome team. This group of installers by far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this window company in North York! They truly are the best!

    Lorenzo Morrison
    A Satisfied Client with Our North York Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Maddox Warner
    Reliant Windows was great to work with. No BS from the salesperson, no BS from the installers. They were prompt, friendly, and extremely neat during the installation of my garden door and tilt & turn door. They happily answered all my questions. I would highly recommend this window company Markham again!

    Maddox Warner
    A Satisfied Client with Our Markham Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Rachel Hoover
    Reliant were very professional and were straight to the point with the estimate. I was scheduled right away and the work was completed as committed on the day scheduled, neat and clean and satisfactory. I couldn’t be more pleased with the process and end result of my tilt & turn doors! I wouldn't choose any other Aurora window company!

    Rachel Hoover
    A Satisfied Client with Our Aurora Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Chace Goulding
    My experience with Reliant Windows was great! Alex D was professional, knowledgeable and very kind. The installation went well and got it completed within one day (4 awning windows, 2 picture windows, 4 casement windows and 1 tilt & turn door). The price was also very competitive. Highly recommended this London window replacement company! null
    Chace Goulding
    A Satisfied Client with Our London Window Replacement & Window Installation Services

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European Tilt & Turn Doors

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