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Bay Windows can increase the living space in your home up to an extra 3ft. They make the room larger and provide more light with their expanded viewing area. It’s common to see a bay window with a seating area underneath to provide a comfortable place to enjoy the view.

Bay Windows are composed of three section window that protrude from the home. They typically are made of one large fixed vinyl window in the center with operating windows on both ends. The windows are joined together to form one large viewing area. There are also several roof options that are available from shingle, aluminum and copper. All are Energy Star® certified for energy efficiency.

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Once we understand your needs, we will continue to communicate with you during all phases of the project keeping you informed of job progress overall and on a day-to-day basis. We make every effort to stick to the plan, but the best-laid plans can be affected by factors outside of our control.

We do what we can to make adjustments. We stick with every job until it’s done. After completion, we’ll do a walk-through with you to ensure your satisfaction. We want you to feel that we were the solution to your problem – never the problem.

Reliant Windows & Doors FAQ's

Why are the windows called 'Bay Window' ?

The window projects outward from a wall at 30 or 45 degree angles to create a comfy alcove or bay.

How do they work?

Any combination of windows can be used to make a beautiful bay window. They project out of a wall and are generally supported by cables from above or brackets below.

How/why are they better than other types of windows?

Because Energy Advantage Low-E glass, Sealed units made with standard S class super spacer, fusion welded sashes and frames, head and seat options include insulated and non-insulated;with the options of white or Oak veneer finish, Walk-out applications, Triple weather-stripping. They highlight a stunning view such as the sea or even a sweeping meadow, and they are frequently designed with window seats so that people may sit in the window and enjoy.

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Reliant Windows & Doors FAQ's

Why are the windows called 'Awning Windows' ?

Once opened, an Awning Window looks like the roof like shelter of canvas or other material extending over a doorway, from the top of a window, over a deck, etc., in order to offer protection against the sun or elements.

How do they work?

Awning Windows Hinged at the top and opening outward using a durable handle, they are often placed above or below other windows, or above doors. Awning is used on its own as a complement to casement or graphic windows.

How/why are they better than other types of windows?

Energy Advantage Low-E glass, Sealed units made out of conventional S class super spacer, fusion welded sashes and frames, interior contoured gas stops, exterior beveled framework, durable standard in-wall locking hardware, nesting hardware, and triple weather-stripping.

Are they more affordable or more costly than other windows? How so?

Each window project differs. It is difficult to provide an accurate cost range for a home which can vary considerably in the number and size of its windows. Costs also depend on the frame glass and material options. Double and triple-glazed windows or those filled with argon gas, increase energy savings but add to first upfront costs. You could be pleasantly surprised by how many windows could be more affordable than others.

Are they better for different climates?

Use the sun's natural heating and cooling skills to go green and lower your energy bills. We offer several unique glass coating types which help to keep your home warm in winter and cooler in the summertime. These special coatings reflect heat back to its source, whether it be the furnace or sun. Additionally, they're near-invisible--letting in maximum light while conserving the most energy.


Our Step by Step Process

Step 1: Free Consultation & Measurement

Our Reliant Windows & Doors rep will advice regarding which window types will be best for your home and family. For example, if you have young children, you will not want to install windows that are too easy for them to open and fall out of. If you live in an area that has a lot of rain and snowfall, we may recommend awning windows that will still allow airflow during inclement weather. After picking the types of windows you want, our rep will take down the measurements as well.

Step 2: Installation Assessment
Step 3: Preparation

Once the quote is accepted, our Reliant Windows & Doors installation team will schedule a date and time to remove and install the new windows. Before the installation team's arrival, please remove any window coverings and furniture so that the installation team has plenty of room to work.

Step 4: Removal & Installation

Our Reliant Windows & Doors installation team will arrive on time with the products that you've ordered. We will then remove the old window and insert the new one. If you have time on the day, feel free to stick around and watch our installation team does their magic.

Step 5: Project Walkthrough

Once the installation is completed, our installation team will conduct a walkthrough with you to make sure you ae happy with the work done!

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We care about your budget and give fair and reasonable rates to our high quality services and specialist services. Working with us can ensure you the very best mix of price and value on your project.
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We are passionate about what we do and believe we offer the very highest quality windows and doors that brings satisfaction to thousands of our happy customers. All our products are made in Canada.
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Professional installation is a huge factor for success of your renovation project. All our windows and doors are installed by the industry strongest, most capable and most experienced teams servicing our customers.
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Getting the right advise and excellent service makes all the difference. We guide our customers through each step of the project. Our lifetime warranty is our pledge to you that we will stand behind our products.

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  • Gavin Gunn
    I don't usually give reviews but when a company does such a great job it has to be noted. Its A+ all the way for Reliant Windows! From the estimate to the installation this Kitchener window company was great. I had quite a few windows installed including bow and bay windows! I had several other companies give estimates and none of them even came close to competing with them, on price or customer service. I strongly suggest not wasting time on shopping around for windows, just call Reliant Windows! null
    Gavin Gunn
    A Satisfied Client with Our Kitchener Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Luca Simmons
    I contacted Reliant Windows after a friend told me about them. They were able to come out and give me a quote within a few days and we got the bay windows ordered a few days after that. I replaced 2 windows and it took them right around 3 hours. They did a very good job cleaning up after themselves as well. They were professional and friendly from start to finish. I was able to get a better window for about the same price as other companies were charging for a lower quality window. If I ever need more windows replaced, I will absolutely call this Kitchener window company again! null
    Luca Simmons
    A Satisfied Client with Our Kitchener Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Fred Levine
    I had basically all of my windows replaced (which totaled 19 windows) in my home by this Kitchener window installation company! The crew was very friendly and took care to protect our home while the windows were being installed. Everything was cleaned up afterwards before they left and there was very minimal that I had to do to put my house back in order. Overall I had a very good experience and would definitely recommend Reliant Windows. I am very satisfied with the quality of the double slider windows and end vent slider windows as well as the warranty that comes along with the purchase! Thank you!! null
    Fred Levine
    A Satisfied Client with Our Kitchener Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Celia Sparrow
    When we used Reliant Windows, everything through the process was easy. The employees were friendly and knowledgeable, the windows arrived in the appropriate time frame. Customer service was quick and efficient for any questions I had. The installers were so nice and voiced their opinion for the trim. They said it would look better with a thicker trim because of the ledge the garden window I ordered sat on. I agreed and they went right to work to finish up the installation properly. I am SO incredibly happy with all of it. I had been wanting to get new picture windows and bay windows for years! This Barrie window company is the best! null
    Celia Sparrow
    A Satisfied Client with Our Barrie Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Hector D.
    I got my bay windows replaced on the front of my house and I'm very happy with the window installation and the sales process with Reliant Windows & Doors. I would highly recommend this Vancouver windows company to anyone who's looking for replacement windows. null
    Hector D.
    A Satisfied Client with Our Vancouver Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Teresa Guevara
    We really like this new build bay window that is done by reliant windows! we believe our house is worth a million dollars now with the fantastic bay window! We will have the rest of the windows and doors replaced by this Vancouver window company next year! Thumbs up for Reliant! null
    Teresa Guevara
    A Satisfied Client with Our Vancouver Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Grayson Meyer
    I replaced 15 Windows, 2 awning windows, 4 single slider windows, 1 bow window, 1 bay window, 2 custom shaped windows, and 5 picture windows, with Reliant Windows & Doors. Our salesman was a rep named James who was excellent. The window installers worked faster then I anticipated and cleaned up after themselves both days. Thanks for a great job, if you need replacement windows I highly recommend these guys. Ask for James... null
    Grayson Meyer
    A Satisfied Client with Our Burlington Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Allison Chan
    Installed some bay windows in our living room as a father day's gift. These new windows totally give a whole new feel to the room. It’s so much better when you’re letting the light flow in. Thanks, Reliant Windows & Doors, the windows look amazing and wish I could install more. Would recommend to anyone, they got it done in one day and I swear I didn’t even notice that they’d left since they were so quiet and tidy. If you’re looking to do a home renovation, do it here. 5 stars! Great product and great service! null
    Allison Chan
    A Satisfied Client with Our London Window Replacement & Window Installation Services
  • Clara E.
    Great work done in our house, we replaced all the windows and the garden door. Reliant Windows met our expectations. Justin, the sales rep was very helpful and professional, and the installation crew did a great job. We love our new windows, especially the beautiful bay windows! Our home got a facelift. Thanks again for the great work! We did windows second time with Reliant Windows. Happy again!!! null
    Clara E.
    A Satisfied Client with Our London Window Replacement & Window Installation Services

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